For Intended Parents


Receiving donor eggs is one of the options you may consider to achieve your dream of having a baby. Asian Egg Bank understands it may be difficult for Asian parents to find Asian egg donors. At our egg donation agency, we specialize in providing a wide range of exceptional donors, including those of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese descent, as well as other ethnic groups.

Asian Egg Bank strongly encourages you to browse through our egg donor database. You can tailor your search by ethnic origin, physical attributes, medical history, educational background, and other characteristics.

Fresh Cycle vs. Frozen Cycle

Asian Egg Bank offers two options for intended parents: fresh donor cycle and frozen donor cycle.

Fresh donor eggs require syncronization of the donor and recipient menstrual cycles. In addition, there is a certain degree of uncertainty involved regarding whether the donor will have an optimal response to IVF fertility medications during that particular cycle.

A frozen donor egg cycle is simpler and less expensive than a fresh cycle. It significantly decreases the time to conceive, since synchronization of cycles is not required. Recipients prefer frozen donor eggs because the eggs have already been retrieved and are immediately available, allowing them more control over the treatment schedule.

The Frozen Advantage

  • Simpler treatment
  • Synchronization of cycles is not necessary
  • More control over schedule
  • More affordable

However, in a frozen egg cycle there are generally eight or more eggs produced, and the chances of having extra embryos for cryopreservation for future use are lower than a fresh cycle. If intended parents wish to conduct genetic screening on the embryos to identify potential chromosome abnormalities or select a desired gender, we strongly encourage purchasing additional frozen eggs to ensure a successful outcome.

Comprehensive Egg Donor Screening and Evaluation

At Asian Egg Bank, our team of reproductive endocrinologists, psychologists and genetic counselors carefully reviews an egg donor’s individual and family histories to ensure that each donor is exceptional according to our highly selective standards.

Each donor undergoes an extensive medical evaluation that includes blood tests, a urine drug screening, an ultrasound analysis, and genetic testing. We also conduct a rigorous psychological assessment.

As per FDA guidelines, donors are initially screened for infectious diseases, and undergo
infectious disease testing again 30 days prior to egg retrieval. In addition, donors are tested for reproductive hormone levels in order to evaluate their ovarian egg reserve. The genetic screening includes tests for cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Fragile X, Tay Sachs, and other genetic abnormalities.

If these test results are normal, egg donors undergo a thorough psychological evaluation a with a licensed Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) to verify that they are psychologically healthy and understand all aspects of the procedure. They also participate in a genetic counseling session with a genetic counselor if it’s indicated due to family history.

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