Asian Egg Bank was established to satisfy the ever-rising demand for Asian egg donors.  High-quality eggs in combination with advanced in vitro fertilization technology is the key to achieving a successful pregnancy.

We recognize Asian patients’ difficulties in finding a suitable egg donor. Asian Egg Bank  is dedicated to recruiting exceptional Asian egg donors and facilitating donor and surrogacy services for our patients worldwide. Our donor screening and evaluation procedures rank above national standards established by the FDA, and are compliant with California state requirements and ASRM guidelines. We want to ensure that patients feel confident in the quality of our donor eggs and achieve the highest success rates possible.

Asian Egg Bank is available to individuals, agencies, and IVF centers throughout California and the United States. We also provide our services throughout Asia, including Japan and China.

At our San Diego egg donation facility, we strive to offer an unmatched level of expertise and compassionate support to help create families around the world. Our staff members are multi-lingual, and are here to meet your highest level of expectations.